Slavic Leadership Training Program aka Wildfire

Ministry Goals / Mission Statement

The purpose of Wildfire formerly known as Church Based Leadership Training is to assist the local church in the establishment of continuing, indigenous church-based training centers in which leaders are equipped to develop healthy, growing, and reproducing local churches.

Wildfire is a Bible College type ministry using the extension method of holding local church-based training classes for the 5 categories of men given to the church according to Ephesians 4:11. This is in accordance with 2 Timothy 2:2.

In brief, Wildfire’s goals are:

  • To EQUIP pastors and Christian leaders locally to do the skills of the ministry more effectively through solid biblical training.
  • To ESTABLISH church-based training centers throughout a country to multiply leaders trained in church planting, Bible teaching, personal evangelism, discipleship and pastoral ministries.
  • To MULTIPLY the growth of New Testament churches in each specific country.

Primary Field Workers

Abraham (Abe) Bible, Diane Bible

History of Ministry

Abe and Diane Bible are the founders of Wildfire – Church Based Leadership Training (CBLT). Wildfire exists to assist the church in training its own leaders. Based on our belief that leadership training should be locally controlled, Wildfire missionaries help key leaders to train their own people. Wildfire missionaries then leave the country so that the work can become completely indigenous. By the grace of God Wildfire has developed a 20 course curriculum and Leadership Training Studies in the national language of various countries. A permanent staff of local trainers plus corps of visiting pastors and professors make training trips each year into various countries to train more key leaders.

This ministry was originally developed for churches in closed or semi-closed countries suffering under totalitarian regimes. When communism fell in 1989 some of the dynamics changed, but there was also a great spiritual hunger, and perhaps an even greater need for church leaders to disciple believers and reach out to the lost.

CBLT-Russia at a Glance – 2007 Statistics
Groups of unbelievers New Churches Planted Total # of students Annual average cost per student
170 39 4598 $100

Yes, it’s time to celebrate!  The Wildfire ministry of raising up church leaders has exploded and involves now more than 4,500 students in Russia with over 80 fully or partly paid workers and nearly 200 volunteers. We also have over 20 Russian nationals anxious to take over the ministry. The Wildfire church leader training ministry is by far the largest in Russia.  This ministry truly has become a miraculous movement of the Lord. Wildfire is training ten times more students in Russia than all other organizations put together. Yet HLT’s training cost is less than one tenth of anybody else’s. We truly thank God for that.

Ongoing Projects

Translation of Wildfire courses into Russian

We have finished working on the doctrine course: Basic Bible Doctrines and Doctrines on Christ and His Kingdom. We have also started work on Committed Christian Life.

In addition we are producing video/DVD lectures in Russian and Ukrainian to provide some additional training for facilitators and disciplers.

Sponsor A Student’s Books

1. Sponsor books for one student through one course $15
2. Sponsor books for one student through two courses $30
3. Sponsor books for one student through three courses $45
4. Sponsor books for one student through four courses $60
5. Sponsor books for one student through five courses $75
6. Sponsor books for a small group
  • books for six students and one leader’s guide
7. Sponsor books for one student to complete their whole Bible college/seminary level education through HLT $300
8. Sponsor the printing of one course
  • cost depends on whether there are 1 or 2 books in the course (workbook and textbook) and how many are being printed

A $15 or $150 gift can make a difference in someone’s life. Each student has a ripple effect—every course they take will affect their family, church and ministry. So in reality, that $15 can make a difference not in one person’s life, but a significant, felt difference in 50 people’s lives or more.

Office Operations

Financial support from our faithful Wildfire supporters is what makes the day-to-day operation of this ministry possible. These donations keep Wildfire going by helping to pay the rent, phone, website, printing, office supplies, and other monthly operational expenses of this ministry.

Rent $400
Salaries for 10 staff $5,500
Utilities $300-500
Misc Office Supplies & Expenses $500

Book Printing

Books and materials needed for the leadership training studies have to be printed regularly. Each printing run costs $5,000-15,000 depending on how many books we are printing, which means we need $150,000-200,000 to finish printing all our courses in Russian. We believe that God will also make it financially possible for us to bring this into the Ukrainian language.

Training Conferences

The conferences are on training, discipleship and accountability and are held in various parts of the world for Leadership Training Sessions. These vary greatly in cost depending on size (from 10-50 people) and location (both for renting facilities and paying for transportation). They can range from a few hundred to several thousands.

Future projects

Translation of Wildfire courses into Ukrainian

As we finish the Russian courses, we would like to start translating them into Ukrainian as well to update Christian materials for church leaders in Ukraine.