Ministry Goal/ Missions Statement

God is leading us to prepare the Chinese to build His kingdom in China and beyond. We want to equip them to reach their own people, and become missionaries to the Middle East, to bring the gospel back to Jerusalem.

Our desire is to train Chinese students.  Through their educational excellence, doors are opening for them all over the world.  We want to send them back to their families and to the nations of the world with the message of the gospel.

God has called us to be church planters.  Though church planting in China has inherent difficulties, this is the biblical model that God has revealed to us. We recognize that in order to impact cities and nations for Christ, a vibrant Christian community is essential.

Primary Field Workers

Sam and Carol Miller

History of Ministry

While receiving YWAM training in 1995, God called Carol to future ministry in China. For years she held this desire in her heart, and though she visited the mainland short-term, she did not have an open door to stay at that time.

In 2000, Sam obeyed God and took his first short-term trip to Taiwan.  This trip birthed a love in his heart for the Chinese.  The next year, during his first trip into China, God impressed on his heart that his destiny was there.

From the time we married in 2004, we knew God called us together for future ministry in mainland China and have held on to this burden ever since.

These five and a half years together in Taiwan have been a preparation. During this time both of us have had opportunity for extended hands-on training in church ministry, working in Chinese culture